What Race Are Armenians? – Unveiling the Genetic Identity

Armenians are an ancient ethnic group with a rich culture and history, originating from the South Caucasus and Anatolia. They speak Armenian, a unique Indo-European language with its own alphabet and literature. Despite enduring wars, migrations, and genocides, Armenians have formed a significant global diaspora, contributing to science, art, and politics. This article delves into …

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Do Brownies Rise? – Baking Tips and Tricks

Brownie close up

Yes, brownies do rise, but their ascent is quite different from that of traditional cakes or bread. The secret to perfectly risen brownies is deeply rooted in the science of their ingredients and the baking process, a revelation that first dawned on me when I tried these delightful treats during a visit to Armenia. This …

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What Does the Armenian Cross Symbolize? – Unveiling the Meaning Behind

Armenian Cross What DOes it Symbolize

The Armenian cross, also known as the khachkar, is a symbol that carries deep cultural and spiritual significance. The Armenian cross symbolizes the triumph of Christianity over evil, as well as the Armenian people’s resilience and faith. In this article, we will explore the profound meaning behind the Armenian cross, exploring its historical roots, artistic …

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10 Best Places to Visit in Armenia 2024 (With Maps)

Church in Armenia

Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus region of Eurasia lies Armenia, a country teeming with ancient history and vibrant culture. Bordered by nations like Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran, this landlocked nation offers a rich tapestry of stories that reach back to the 8th century BC. Its geographic position has made it a melting …

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