13 Best Armenia Movie Theaters in 2023 – Must-Visit Locations

Are you a movie buff who loves catching the latest blockbusters on the big screen? Or maybe you’re a film aficionado looking for a unique cinematic experience? Either way, Armenia has got you covered! From state-of-the-art multiplexes to cozy independent cinemas, this country offers a rich tapestry of movie-going experiences.

Why should you care about the theaters in Armenia? Armenia is a nation steeped in history, art, and culture, and its movie theaters often reflect this unique heritage. Whether you’re an expat, a tourist, or a local, the theaters here offer an exciting escape into diverse cinematic universes.

Today, we are talking about the 13 Best Armenia Movie Theaters in 2023. Buckle up; it’s going to be an exciting ride through the luminescent screens, cushy seats, and intoxicating aromas of popcorn.

13. Vanadzor Cinema

Located in the third-largest city in Armenia, Vanadzor, this cinema proves that you don’t have to be in the capital to enjoy a great movie experience.

A Local Charm

  • Local Films: A spotlight on the talent of Vanadzor
  • Artwork: Local artists get to showcase their work
  • Local Delicacies: Experience Vanadzor through its food

The Cinema of the People

Community engagement is a priority. Frequent polls decide the movie of the week, making the locals an integral part of the programming process.

12. Opera Cinema

Opera Cinema in Yerevan is not just a movie theater; it’s a cultural experience. Nestled near the Opera House, this place brings a touch of class to your movie night.

Culture Meets Cinema

  • Opera Streams: Live performances on the big screen
  • Art Films: A focus on artistic cinema
  • Wine Evenings: Pair your movie with some fine wine

An Elegant Experience

The interior is tastefully designed, keeping the cultural aspect in mind. Think plush seats, intricate designs, and an overall aura of sophistication.

11. Shant Cinema

Located in Yerevan, Shant Cinema is a labor of love run by film enthusiasts for film enthusiasts. Though smaller in scale, it boasts a carefully curated film selection.

Special Screenings

  • Moonlight Movies: Late-night screenings for night owls
  • Geek Nights: Sci-fi and fantasy galore
  • Autumn Classics: Seasonal themes to set the mood

Personal and Intimate

Friendly staff and personalized recommendations make Shant Cinema an intimate cinematic getaway.

10. Gyumri City Cinema

Located in Armenia’s second-largest city, Gyumri, this cinema is a nod to regional excellence. It’s not as grand as the cinemas in Yerevan, but it’s the heart of the city’s film culture.

What’s on Offer?

  • Vintage Films: A rich collection of classics
  • Educational Screenings: Films that make you think
  • Open Mic: Local talent gets a stage


Gyumri City Cinema prioritizes community engagement. Regular workshops and guest lectures make it a place of learning as much as entertainment.

9. Ararat Cinema

Ararat Cinema captures the essence of Armenian hospitality. From the décor to the staff, everything about this place screams ‘welcome.’

The Personal Touch

  • Photo Walls: Celebrating Armenian film history
  • Tea Corners: A cozy spot to relax
  • Lounges: More like a living room than a waiting area

The Film Selection

Offering a mix of Armenian, Russian, and international films, Ararat Cinema keeps its programming diverse to suit all tastes.

8. Malatia Mall Cinema

Malatia Mall Cinema has made a name for itself by catering to the local community. It’s smaller and less flashy than its counterparts, but it’s rich in community spirit.

Local Focus

  • Armenian Films: A substantial collection
  • Local Snacks: Traditional treats for an authentic experience
  • Loyalty Programs: Rewarding the local regulars

A Community Hub

With frequent events like amateur film screenings and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, Malatia Mall Cinema serves as a community hub.

7. Cinema Pink Krasnodar

Though relatively new, Cinema Pink in Krasnodar has quickly gained popularity due to its focus on customer comfort and its unique film selection.

Why It’s Different?

  • Independent Films: A dedicated hall for indie lovers
  • European Café: Authentic pastries and high-quality coffee
  • Art Exhibits: A visual treat before your movie starts

The Comfort Factor

From temperature-controlled halls to cushioned seats, comfort is the keyword at Cinema Pink.

6. Cinema Star Armenia Tashir Street

Another feather in the cap for Cinema Star, this venue located on Tashir Street is a blend of modernity and affordability without compromising on quality.

Why Choose This One?

  • Budget-Friendly: Lower ticket prices during weekdays
  • Self-Service: Soda and popcorn machines for quick grabs
  • Food Court: A wide variety of culinary options

Easy Commute

The location is well-connected by public transport, making it an easily accessible option for movie-goers throughout Yerevan.

5. Cinema Star Armenia Rio Mall

A sibling to the one in Dalma Garden Mall, Cinema Star at Rio Mall also offers a high-quality viewing experience but with its own unique flavor.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Alternative Content: Live operas, ballets, and concerts
  • Flexible Ticketing: Varied pricing for morning and late-night shows
  • Beer & Popcorn: Adult-friendly snacks and beverages


Conveniently located, this theater also prioritizes accessibility. Ample parking and comfortable seats designed for all age groups make it a theater for everyone.

4. Nairi Cinema

If you have an appetite for independent films and documentaries, Nairi Cinema in Yerevan is your place to go. It’s smaller than most other theaters on this list, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character.

Unique Screenings

  • Film Festivals: From Sundance to local events
  • Book Adaptations: Movies that bring literature to life
  • Musical Scores: Films with exceptional soundtracks

Cozy and Comfortable

Their café serves some of the best coffee in town, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The art décor and the intellectual vibe make it a perfect spot for post-movie discussions.

3. Cinema Star Armenia Dalma Garden Mall

At Cinema Star, located in the bustling Dalma Garden Mall, you can expect nothing less than top-notch quality. With 3D halls and an expansive food and drink menu, this theater understands the importance of a comprehensive cinematic experience.

Special Features

  • Dine-In Cinema: Order from an extensive menu directly to your seat
  • Game Zone: Keep the kids entertained while you indulge in a film
  • Plush Recliners: Luxury at its best

A Family Affair

Cinema Star makes movie-going a family-friendly affair. Their specially designed kids’ halls and animated movies make it a hit among the younger audience. A perfect place for family outings!

2. Moscow Cinema

This grand structure is more than a movie theater; it’s a landmark. Moscow Cinema, located in the heart of Yerevan, has been a cultural focal point since 1937. The architecture alone—inspired by Soviet designs—will leave you awestruck.

Cinematic Diversity

  • International Films: From Hollywood to Bollywood, they have it all
  • Local Talent: A strong emphasis on Armenian cinema
  • Live Performances: Occasional theater acts and live music

A Nostalgic Experience

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Their retro screening room shows classics from the golden age of cinema. Moscow Cinema is not just a place to watch a movie; it’s a place to relish film history.

1. KinoPark Yerevan Mall

KinoPark in Yerevan Mall is the epitome of what modern movie theaters should be. With cutting-edge technology like 4DX, IMAX, and Dolby Atmos sound systems, this place is a tech geek’s dream.

  • IMAX Experience: Unrivaled clarity and a gigantic screen
  • 4DX: Get shook, literally, with moving seats
  • Dolby Atmos: Crystal clear sound that circles around you

The Little Extras

But it’s not just about the tech; it’s also about the experience. From VIP rooms to a specialized kids’ hall, KinoPark offers comfort for all demographics. Grab a glass of wine at their in-house café or shop for some film merchandise; there’s never a dull moment.

Unbeatable Location

Located in one of Yerevan’s most popular malls, this theater offers a perfect blend of entertainment options. Catch a movie, go shopping, and grab a bite, all under one roof. Convenience redefined!


Do any of the Armenian cinemas offer private screenings?

Private screenings are not a common offering in all Armenian cinemas. However, some premium locations like KinoPark in Yerevan Mall do offer the option for private screenings for special occasions like birthdays or corporate events. It’s advisable to check with the specific cinema and book well in advance to arrange this.

How does ticket pricing in Armenia compare to other countries?

Ticket pricing can vary depending on the location and the type of experience you’re opting for. Generally, Armenian cinemas offer relatively budget-friendly options, especially during weekdays or for morning shows.

Compared to cinemas in Western Europe or North America, you’ll often find ticket prices in Armenia to be more affordable.

Are there any cinemas in Armenia that offer outdoor screenings?

As of 2023, outdoor screenings are generally special events and not a regular feature of Armenian cinemas. However, some cinemas collaborate with local parks or community centers for seasonal outdoor movie nights. Keep an eye on local event listings and cinema social media pages for announcements on this.

What kind of film festivals can I expect in Armenian cinemas?

Armenian cinemas, particularly independent ones like Nairi Cinema, host a variety of film festivals, ranging from international events to local showcases.

These may include documentary film festivals, Armenian film weeks, and even genre-specific festivals like animation or horror film fests. The schedule is usually annual and well-publicized in advance.

Are subtitles available for non-Armenian films?

Yes, non-Armenian films usually come with subtitles. Most international films are screened in their original language with Armenian and sometimes Russian subtitles.

If you are particularly concerned about language barriers, it’s always a good idea to check the specific screening details in advance.

Is there a dress code for any of the cinemas?

Armenian cinemas generally don’t enforce a strict dress code, and casual attire is usually acceptable. However, if you are attending a special event, like an opera screening at Opera Cinema or a premiere, you might find that the atmosphere is more formal and a smarter attire may be more suitable.

Final Words

Armenia’s cinemas offer more than just a movie-watching experience; they offer a journey into diverse worlds—each with its unique offerings. Whether you are a tech-savvy moviegoer, a lover of indie films, or someone who enjoys the classics, Armenia’s theaters have something for everyone.